Scott’s Voter’s Guide


So at least one person has asked if he could “copy my answers” and take advantage of all the research I’ve done in choosing who and what to vote for this year.  In case there are others, here’s my “answer key”.  🙂

I-1185: No

This is Tim Eyman’s latest effort to cripple state government, particularly by blocking transportation funding through tolling.

I-1240: Yes

Washington needs a limited number of well-regulated charter schools to help improve education for at-risk kids.

R-74: Approve

The state shouldn’t be in the business of discriminating based on sexual orientation.  That’s a job for individuals and religious organizations, and this initiative preserves their rights not to be involved in same-sex marriages.

I-502: Yes

The war on drugs has failed.  Marijuana is only about as dangerous as alcohol or tobacco, and should be treated similarly.

SJR-8221: Approve

This would average the state’s borrowing limit over 6 years instead of 3, so we can borrow during downturns as well as during booms.  It also reduces the total limit from 9% to 8%, on a slightly larger base (including property taxes).

SJR-8223: Approve

This would let the UW and WSU invest unused operating funds in the stock market, as is already allowed for state pension funds, the universities’ endowments, etc.

AV-1 (SB6635): Maintain

The Senate and House voted to eliminate a tax loophole.  Tim Eyman’s I-960 requires we approve it.  Duh.

AV-2 (HB2590):Maintain

The House and Senate voted *unanimously* to eliminate a tax loophole.  But Eyman’s initiative still requires we vote on it.  (Can you tell I don’t like him much?)

President: Obama (D)

Senator: Cantwell (D)

US Rep. District 2: Larsen (D)

Governor: McKenna (R)

Secretary of State: Wyman (R)

Treasurer: McIntire (D)

Attorney General: Dunn (R)

Lands Commissioner: Goldmark (D)

Insurance Commissioner: Kreidler (D)

38th LD pos 1: McCoy (D)

38th LD pos 2: Sells (D)

State Supreme Court pos 9: McCloud

Everett Council pos 5: Robinson

Snohomish PUD district 2: Vaughn


6 Responses to “Scott’s Voter’s Guide”

  1. Jenava Says:

    Very close to my choices! We had a several different things to vote on, like King County Sheriff.

  2. Arlene Tayllor Says:

    Thanks, Scott. I was unsure about the charter school issue. I’m with you re. Tim E.

  3. Slav Narrid Says:

    Really Cantwell over Baumgartner? You have to be kidding me.

  4. Scott Leibrand Says:

    Slav: Is such a choice inconsistent with my values (see previous blog post) or my other votes? Can you make an argument as to why *I* (not you) would want to replace an incumbent (with a strong record) with a freshman state senator with no discernible domestic platform?

    • Slav Narrid Says:

      The fact that you think she has a strong record (16 trillion in debt, no budget in the last 4 years) then you’ve made up your mind. Her opponent, his foreign policy experience aside, has led on major state reforms (consolidation of state agencies, strong voice for small-business on regulations, pension reform) and helped pass bipartisan budgets. He stands against his party on Afghanistan, Iraq, and other entanglements. He stands against both parties on the NDAA – which Cantwell supported.

      Patty Murray at least brings home the pork, Cantwell just brings home the regulations.

    • Scott Leibrand Says:

      Sounds like he has a pretty good platform then. It’s unfortunate he didn’t highlight any of it in the voter’s guide. I do have quite a bit of respect for the Republicans in the Washington legislature (unlike those in Congress). But without a much stronger statement of what he stands for, there’s too much risk IMO that he would simply follow the party line if he got to D.C.
      Hopefully Baumgartner will stay involved and build up a bit more experience. Perhaps he’ll turn out to be one of the GOP’s rising stars, along the lines of McKenna and Wyman.

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